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Dear Friends and Colleagues,
It is a great honor and special pleasure for me, as the president of Asia college of neuropsychopharmacology, to welcome you to Yogyakarta for the 1st AsCNP for ASEAN International Congress of Neuropsychopharmacology 2019 which will be held in Royal Ambarukmo Hotel , Yogyakarta – Indonesia, from February 28th – March 2nd 2019. [ Read More ]

Andi J. Tanra
AsCNP President

Dear Colleagues,
We are delighted to announce that the Asian College of Neuropsychopharmacology (AsCNP) will be holding a South-east Asia international meeting, which will be held in Yogjakarta, Indonesia on February 28th – March 2nd 2019. The meeting will be entitled as the 1st AsCNP for ASEAN International Congress of Neuropsychopharmacology 2019. The theme of the congress is “Breakthrough in Neuropsychopharmacology intervention, from ASEAN to global perspective”. [ Read More ]

Sonny T Lisal
Chair of Local Organizing Commitee


Submission of proposal (Symposium/Workshop) Opens July 2018
Submission of Poster / Oral / Young Psychiatric Award Opens August 2018
Early Registration Opens 01 August 2018
Deadline for Submission of Proposal (Symposium/Workshop) 31 October 2018
Deadline for Submission of Poster/Oral Extended Until january 15th 2019
Deadline for Young Psychiatric Awards Extended Until 15 December 2018
Regular Registration Opens 01 December 2018
Set Up Begins for Technical Exhibition 27 February 2019
Opening Ceremony / Exhibition Opens 28 February 2019

Invited Speakers

Anthony A. Grace
Shigeto Yamawaki
Jun Soo Kwon
South Korea
Kua Ee Heok
Masatoshi Takeda
Malcolm Hopwood
Kazutaka Ikeda
Shih-Ku Lin
Kazuyuki Nakagome
Andi J. Tanra
Kim Q. Do
Edmond H. Pi
Anne Yee
Arnab Kumar
Azimatul Karimah
Carla R. Marchira
Chee Kok Yoon
Chia-Chun Hung
Chih-Ming Cheng
Eka Viora
Elmeida Effendy
Erlyn Limoa
Fransiska Kaligis
Hazli Zakaria
Hsie-Yuan Lane
Huai-Hsuan Tseng
Irwan Supriyanto
Kenji Hashimoto
Kim Savuon
Kristiana Siste
Margarita Maramis
Mian Yoon Chong
Michel Cuenod
Ming-Chyi Huang
Natalia Widiasih
Peter David Norrie
Porsche Poh
Reiji Yoshimura
Rinvil Renaldi
Santi Yuliani
Sonny T. Lisal
Tjhin Wiguna
Tomiki Sumiyoshi
Toshikazu Saito
Toshitaka Nabeshima
Tung-Ping Tom Su
Tuti Wahmurti A.
Winston Shen
Yasumasa Okamoto
Y. Wongpironsarn

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